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Business Writing is a special category of communication.

It is both a skill and an art form, a personal representation of you and your company, and a nuts & bolts practical necessity. Poor business writing is a black-eye for the entity responsible. Average business writing is considered standard in today’s rushed world of e-mail slang and 144 character tweets. Great business writing is considered a rarity, almost a lost art. But great business writing is the standard that Arc provides its clients in all sectors.

Here are some of the Professional Business Writing services we provide:

Press Releases
Experienced in submitting press releases and media announcements for companies, historic sites, school districts and political campaigns, Arc will handle the media for you and get you noticed. We will identify relevant media outlets and trade sector entities, both traditional and electronic, and submit eyeball attracting copy for your events, successes, new hires, Requests for Qualifications or Proposals, etc.

Resume Development & Upgrades
Arc Business Writing can design an employment strategy for you and design or re-design your professional resume, a flexible document ready for submission with tailor-made cover letters and attachments. Sending out an electronic resume has little chance to be noticed, so you’ll need a unique presentation and document to get in the door. Let’s discuss…

Speech Writing
If you begin your speech with a joke, just to get their attention, you just lost half the audience’s respect for you as a serious authority on your topic. If you want your audience’s attention and respect, there are ways to do that without going Borsht Belt. Arc Business Writing has written campaign platforms and speeches for CEO’s, school administrators, politicians and others. We’ll even let you throw a joke in at the end…

Articles & Reports
Arc Business Writing’s experience ranges from ghostwritten articles for CEOs, to newspaper educational columnist, to researching and writing locational-opportunity studies for a prominent civil engineering client, to being a published author of a highly regarded pocket book on the Revolutionary War. Works include regional economic development White Papers, business opportunity studies, property valuation reports and articles for newsletters, etc.

Web Text, E-Blasts, Blogging
Everyone needs a great website, but someone has to write the text! Arc Business Writing has the expertise and technical back-up required to assist you in creating interesting written material for a user-friendly, technically seamless and attractive web presence. E-blasts and blog text can be constructed to keep your client base, customers and contacts engaged and regularly informed about your company.

Marketing Materials
Either electronic or paper-based, Arc Business Writing can create the materials your entity needs to move forward. Fine Letters of Introduction, Follow-up Correspondence, Sales & Informational Brochures, Newsletters, and Direct Electronic Marketing will help broaden your income stream and turn prospects into customers. Corporate Statements Of Qualifications (SOQs) that put you in the game are an Arc specialty.

  Professional Proofreading & Editing
Despite “spell check”, high quality human editing, proofreading and fact checking remain essential requirements for success in today’s very competitive business environment. Having experience in pre-computer proofreading and editing of PHD dissertations in the 1980’s, we now have moved on to business writing and editing in the age of post-literate society. Arc Business Writing is happy to assist you in polishing your manuscript, article, company publication, report, or dissertation to perfection…

Proposals & Grant Writing
It takes a special type of business writer to craft a Proposal that will get you or your firm to that follow-up interview. Proposals can be technical or general, one page or one hundred, dependant upon what the requirements are and what needs to be said. Arc Business Writing has experience writing & editing successful Proposals for numerous firms, non-profit organizations and schools.

Grant writing is not for the faint of heart, or for your “Aunt Sally” to do for you, even though she once wrote one for the PTA bake fest in 1961. In fact, the writing of the grant is only one part of the professional process. Arc doesn’t just write grants. We engage in the “grant cycle”, which includes detailed collaboration with the client, identification of funding sources and relevant grants, accumulating the information, writing the grant application, submitting, and if accepted, doing the all important “grant administration” work, ensuring and documenting that the funds are spent correctly, as per the specs of the grant. And if the application is not accepted, Arc gets the feedback you need to make a more successful follow-up submission in the next funding cycle.

Grant writing experience includes those written solely or collaborated on for Federal, NY State, and local funding entities for a wide variety of needs.

  • The Luis Munoz Marin Foundation, National Historic Site, San Juan, Puerto Rico: research, grant writing and submission, with Mag Advisors.Submitted to Mellon Foundation. April, 2015 for digitalization of the historic archival collection, $500,000 request.
  • The Luis Munoz Marin Foundation, San Juan, Puerto Rico:  research, grant review and application editing for Mag Advisors. To attract major funding for this National Historic Site, for facility development, exhibitions and programming. November, 2014
  • The Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati, Mount Gulian Historic Site submission, to continue its highly regarded interactive American History program to elementary school students in the Hudson Valley region. Submitted September, 2014, Received $1200.
  • Bank of America, US Trust, submitted for The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts. For major funding of this not-for-profit child advocacy organization. Preliminary Submission, September, 2014
  • New York State Consolidated Funding Application 2014 (CFA), submitted for Zumtobel, Inc., for infrastructure improvements, new equipment and staff training. Submitted July, 2014. Won $706,000.
  • The Connecticut Society of the Cincinnati, Mount Gulian Historic Site submission, for inventorying of a Verplanck historic archival collection.Received $1000.
  • New York State Council on the Humanities, Humanities Programming Implementation Grant, submitted for Mount Gulian Historic Site, for new living history presentations, March, 2014. Not won.
  • The New York State Society of the Cincinnati, Mount Gulian Historic Site, submission, for construction improvements on the House Museum. October, 2013. Received $2500.
  • U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, Grant Implementation, for Mag Advisors’ client United Way of D.C. Capital Region. Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery, Regional 2-1-1 Communication Plan, 2013
  • The Connecticut Society of the Cincinnati, submitted for Mount Gulian Historic Site for debates on Constitutional issues, to be held on site. Received $2500.
  • New York State Consolidated Funding Application 2013 (CFA), submitted for Town of Wawarsing, for a study on re-use of the Colony Farm properties. Submission 2013. Not won.
  • The Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati, submitted for Mount Gulian Historic Site, in support of the project to restore the front and back porches of the House Museum. Received $2500.
  • Federal Center for Disease Control, Grant Submission for Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC, client of Mag Advisors; Cooperative Agreement for the Development, Coordination & Implementation of a Community Based Health Education Transmedia Grant. Not won. 2012      
  • U.S. Department of Labor, et al; Grant Submission for The Hudson Valley Center for Innovation, Inc., and the City of Newburgh: Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge Grant, to create WindWorks, a wind energy consortium in the Hudson Valley. Not won. 2011
  • Institute of Museum & Library Services (IMLS) National Grant, submitted for Mount Gulian Historic Site for living history presentations, film and related research on personages at Mount Gulian. Received $106,000, implemented 2010-2012.
  • The Hudson River Greenway Grant, Won for Mount Gulian Historic Site for Site Trail Development.  Received $5000, implemented 2010.
  • NY State Council on the Arts Grant, Submitted for Mount Gulian Historic Site for historic research on James F. Brown, master gardener, diarist and escaped slave who lived at Mount Gulian. Received $7,500 for Phase I, implemented 2007. Received $7,500, for Phase II, implemented 2008.
  • The Lounsberry Foundation Grants, Submitted for Mount Gulian Historic Site for Educational Programming & Operating Expenses. Won Annually, $2,500. 2006-Present       
  • NY State Heritage Grant Program, Submitted for Mount Gulian Historic Site’s Society of the Cincinnati Panel Exhibit.  Received $12,000. Implemented 2006.
  • NYSERDA (NY State Energy Research & Development Agency) Grant Submissions for TechCity, Kingston (former IBM site): Best Practices Facilities Grant For Energy Audit, Site Design & Energy Improvements. Not won. 2000 & 2001.