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Arc Business Services is a unique consulting firm that offers business development, research, public relations and professional business writing services to our client companies on a retainer or project basis. We have the ability to cross-leverage the services of our client firms to those clients and customers with related requirements.

Arc Business Service clients have been consciously selected by our firm to create a constellation of companies that can interact and provide a wide-range of expertise in closely related industries, that are generally, but not exclusively in, the real estate development & capital infrastructure sectors.

Current Arc clients include: a 350+ employee civil engineering & survey firm; a regional planning company; a national environmental remediation firm, a full-service geothermal energy system provider; a successful grant writing firm; a green modular project management firm; and a regional disaster recovery / building contractor company. Etc.

Arc assists companies, municipalities, non-profits and public institutions with their unique business development and writing, research & media requirements. Led by Harv Hilowitz, successful business developer, published author and experienced educator, Arc Business Services works with clients in developing strategic marketing plans, sales outreach & publicity efforts, newsletters, etc., that fulfills your firm’s needs.

Having successful experience in both the private & public sectors, Mr. Hilowitz has a wide range of expertise and general knowledge in many areas, including real estate & site development, education & administration, sales & business development, environmental science & politics, and heritage tourism, to name a few.

Utilizing the highest skills and a practical understanding of business needs, the sales cycle, marketing and income attraction, Arc Business Services will listen carefully to your team, identify your core requirements and actively collaborate with you to get your task or project to the next level.

Here’s how we work:

Let’s talk.

  • If what you require is something Arc can do, we’ll focus on your core requirements, details & timelines.
  • Arc Business Services will then create a simple written Proposal (no charge) for your review, detailing the scope of work, deliverables, deadlines & fee.
  • To bring Arc in, you sign the Proposal and submit the initial payment.
  • Arc gets started immediately, with on-going contact, collaboration and reporting back to your company, as indicated.

All Arc Business Services fees are determined on an individualized, case-by-case basis. Firms can be serviced on retainer; specific projects on a flat-rate or hourly fee.

If you're interested, please visit our Contact Page so we can begin the dialogue.